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- Welcome to The Lost Car Registry vehicle submission page!
In order to submit a vehicle into the system, you must be registered. If you're already registered, click on the "Login" button located on this page.

If you're not currently registered, click on the "Join" button located on this page. You will be asked to submit a valid e-mail address and choose a password; if you do not currently have a valid e-mail address, sign up for a free account at one of the many sites on the Internet that offer them (Hotmail, Yahoo, Google, etc.) Once you have submitted your e-mail address and password here, you will receive a confirmation e-mail which you must click on in order to validate your account. Once your account is validated, you're ready to log into the site and submit information on as many vehicles as you like!

A few useful tips for submissions:

  • Please try and include a vehicle identification number (VIN) and/or the last known registered license plate for each lost vehicle that you post. Be sure to try and include as much detailed information about the car you're looking for as possible.
  • If you're here to report a stolen car, this really isn't the site to do it. Try submitting information about your stolen car to Stolen Car Reports, a neighborhood watch for stolen vehicles.
  • All vehicles submitted as "Found" must include either a VIN or/the last known registered license plate for the vehicle to better assist persons inquiring about its current status. 
  • While not required, the more contact information submitted - for example, a phone number in addition to an e-mail address - the easier it is for someone who may currently own your former vehicle to contact you.
  • Per this site's user agreement, do not submit images with nudity, profanity or other generally offensive content; failure to observe this rule will result in *immediate* suspension of the user's account.

If you cannot see a Car like: below this frame, you are experiencing a flash bug. Click on Having Problems? (Important Bug Issue)

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(August 27, 2013) ATTENTION VISITORS: I am well aware of the spam problem in the Guest Book below; for the last three years I have worked diligently to eliminate the spammers posts about "spell casters" and other nonsense as quickly as possible, but they are forever persistent. For that reason, I am currently working on a new redesign of the site which will completely eradicate them once and for all. I apologize for their continued nuisance and appreciate your patience. Continue to visit the site for updates. Thanks! - Keith, The Lost Car Registry.
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